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November 12, 2008



Hi Henry,

I'm a long time reader of your blog and this is my first comment I guess...

Well, opinions are personal. So I won't protest much against your assessment of Ganguly. There are people who thinks 'Dada' truly and deservedly one of the legends of Indian cricket, like me and there are people who think otherwise, like our Uncle JRod, who gave Dada a great name i.e. The Giant Alien Lizard or something. Way more sexy than something mundane like Dada or Prince of Calcutta etc etc. :) As I said, personal opinions...

Leadership is a subjective thing. He has his numbers with him but then again that doesn't say much. Or does it?

Batting in test... well, nothing great... 7K odd runs and some 15 centuries. One day is completely diff though. A much better record. One small fact. He got 31 MoM in his ODI career. Just after Sachin and Sanath. Significant contribution in the game as some would like to say, but again it's just a number. And ODI is not 'real cricket' as we all know. Especially after T20 has come...


D.S. Henry

You're right, Avik, there's no point questioning other people's opinions. I don't really question the fact that Ganguly will prove to be one of the most remembered Indian players of his era. The question is whether he really deserves all the accolades.

I won't deny his achievement in ODIs. There was definitely a period where he was one of the most productive and consistent one-day batsmen in the world, and he did win India many games almost singlehandedly.

His Test record, however, is another matter. And his "leadership" skills are debatable. His tactical acumen never struck me as very inspired (um, sending Australia to bat in the 2003 World Cup final?!), and he often seemed not to lead from the front as much as you'd expect. Sure, he was a good shit-stirrer, but was he the type to really get in the trenches and lead from the front?

There's also something a little unsettling about the fact that Ganguly is bowing out to fanfare and celebration, while Dravid will probably just get dropped awkwardly and unceremoniously in a couple of months. Maybe it's a reflection of their political skills.

(Thanks for reading, btw.)


as many feel, dada was someone you loved to hate.

you either liked him or hated him. i dint like him that much , but i think the early part of his career was when he was at his best. in the middle he lost a bit of that magic,

i remember his first test in eng. it was just sublime timing. never seen anything like it.

whatever way we look at it. he is a loss to india and cricket .


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I enjoyed reading the comments of the readers. Nice discussion.

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