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July 07, 2008


David Barry

Were there only 14 votes? It seems to be a lower vote tally than most of the polls I've seen on this blog.

D.S. Henry

Tell me about it, DB. We don't know what to attribute it to... maybe the summer holidays in the northern hemisphere, maybe some people didn't realise it was a different poll from the week before, maybe we've just worn out our welcome in the cricket blogosphere. Who knows?

I was thinking of letting run for another week, but since the two finalists are obvious already, I didn't see a point to it.

Conor Kissane

Thankfully you've given Lara another chance to prove himself. I thought it was a bit stingy of you to present us with his play-and-miss as our only chance of getting him to the final!


How about a wild card entry for Viv Richards hook off his eyebrows for six?

D.S. Henry

Kym, I'm always up for a good write-in campaign. Consider your vote for Viv counted.


You know who played pretty shots...

Do you like to fight injustice?

Yes, that is truly an exceptional quality you have.

Please sign our Save Our Bill Lawry petition to keep the Corporate vultures from ending the career of our favourite excitable one.


Think of the children.

Samir Chopra

Shouldn't that be Uthappa's scoop? He actually won a one-day international with that in the last over. Misbah just lost a cup with it. Or perhaps that's why you picked Misbhah over Uthappa?

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