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June 08, 2008



That's better.

D.S. Henry

Anything you ask, master boss sir. Anything you ask.

Samir Chopra

Modi deserves a public flogging for his fascist attitude towards the ICL. So long as this man is in charge of cricket in India, its going to be singularly impossible for me to like anything connected to him (like the IPL, which as predicted has now spawned its bastard child the Champions League).

D.S. Henry

Fair enough, Samir. I'm not going to defend Modi.

But until you can show me another competitive, sustainable cricket league, with all the best players in the world and wide public support, he (and his league) are hard to ignore.

Samir Chopra

Oh, I'm not ignoring him or his league. I'm actively disliking them both. I'm not apathetic about it. Its under my skin, believe me.

And don't you need to credit "The Usual Suspects?" above? (perhaps they need to credit someone else in turn). Or perhaps that line is like calculus, so well-established we don't need to keep citing Leibniz or Newton every time we use it.

D.S. Henry

That's the spirit, Samir! The league will need plenty of tough doubters like you to keep it honest.

As for the line, I just figured it was so well known by now that it was as good as in the public domain. Do we need to reference Shakespeare every time we mention "to be or not to be", or Robert Frost every time we talk of "the road less traveled"?

(The line is actually by Charles Baudelaire originally, or close enough to it, since the original's in French.)

Samir Chopra

I had no idea it was Baudelaire. Just goes to show.


Baudelaire, i know him, he was the model used on the front of a trail of dead album.

Account Deleted

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