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June 26, 2008


Conor Kissane

Hey, just wanted to thank you for bringing that article by DFW on Federer to my attention. You're right: it is brilliant! i think anything by Wallace is worth reading...Interesting concept by the Guardian. Like you say though, I don't understand the obsession with forced comparisons. They would've been more enlightening without them..


I remember reading that article and also a later update on factual error in the same article.
The point described in the article didn't happen as stated. It was not so romantic .The exchange of strokes as written was tweaked to suit the tone of article.
In any case, it was a minor quibble in this excellent article and apart from that, an interesting question on the freedom a Journalist should have while reporting.


Funny you should be bringing this up now, at the moment Nick Cave is fucking with the press in Melbourne saying he wants a 50 foot high statue of himself in the country town he was born. He is clearly taking the piss and has even gone as far as to say Snoop Dogg has said he would attend the opening. For some reason the Melbourne press are taking it seriously, and yesterday they went to new levels when a finance writer decided to mention how much he hates Nick Cave and how bad the Birthday party were.

D.S. Henry

Conor -- You should read DFW's collections of essays and journalistic pieces (A Supposedly Fun Thing and Consider the Lobster), if you haven't already. I prefer them to his fiction.

Abhi -- I noticed the correction too, but I'm pretty sure I've seen Federer play shots like that hundreds of times before. It's odd that Wallace would get such a prominent part of the piece wrong, though.

JRod -- Is Nick Cave still sporting that creepy bandito moustache? It didn't work for Jack White or Bob Dylan; I don't know why he thinks it'll work for him.

lefty j

I'd love to see Bill Simmons tackle the cricket. That piece he did on the EPL, and trying to find a team to root (based on what he could find out about the teams) was classic. Imagine he did one of them for the IPL...

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