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June 14, 2008



Kumar's innings was in Hobart, possibly only luminous thing to happen there.

Otherwise nice work.

David Barry

I disagree on the format/league thing. I converted to T20 when I watched Queensland play New South Wales in a domestic T20, as part of a crowd of 27000 people. By comparison, there were about a thousand of us there when the same two teams played in a four-day game, and 5000 would be a good crowd for a 50-over game. It's a similar thing in England, where crowds to domestic T20 matches are much larger than for Championship or Friends Provident games, despite the same players being on show.

It's exciting and entertaining. That it lends itself to a league format means that we can have fun little things like the IPL (and this would appear the best use of the T20 format) is incidental. If no-one had thought of the IPL and ODI's had been replaced by T20I's, that would have been a massive improvement.

D.S. Henry

DB, you're right, T20 does have the "newness" factor to it, not to mention the fact that it is bound to create tighter contests and more exciting matchups on a regular basis.

(Plus, we may deride them as cheap, dumb entertainment... but watching sixes live is actually incredibly FUN.)

I guess the broader point I was trying to make is that, ultimately, after the novelty wears off and T20 starts being rammed down our throats (nine-T20 series between Pakistan and Bangladesh, anyone?), at least we'll still have a functional, competitive league.

Which we need.

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