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May 21, 2008


Ceci Masters

here via CWB... Like you loved the Kallis file - love his strange strange collection of "personal" pics too - strangling a girl and pics of Biffa with plastered down hair - and is that AB in a hammock??? Kudos for your vid finds too - hope you don't mind but have gacked them for facebook (with acknowledgement of course)

Finding the stuff on IPL interesting - am only just getting to grips with who's playing for who since don't have access to Setanta (had a deal been done with Sky bet a lot more people here in England would have been interested) - supporting Shane Warne's mob for the sheer fun of watching a master tactician weld a team together - plus a sekrit passion for Biffa....

D.S. Henry

Ceci, glad you found the site. Kallis is, undoubtedly, my cricketing white whale. I just can't work him out, and it bothers me. I don't hate him the way I hate G. Smith, or McGrath. It's not irrational hate that exists solely to make the game more interesting for me as a fan -- Kallis is just a really weird specimen, and he demands analysis.

As long as it's attributed, take anything you want from the site.

It's a shame the IPL wasn't more freely available and convenient for everyone around the world. Regardless of what you think about the concept or the Twenty20 format, it's just cool to have all the great players in one place at one time, and to have every fan in the world focused on the same tournament.



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