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May 07, 2008


Pontings _Baldspot

Robin Uthappa had a mohawk when he landed in Australia earlier this year.. he meant business. .. Dravid needs one for the rest of the IPL tourney.. Too many critics jumping on India's best test batsman ever..


beautifully written Sir!

Naked Cricket

D.S. Henry - a cracker of a write, very moving. And as layered as Dravid. In addition to Sehwag, RD's the only other Indian player, i'm looking out for in the IPL. They earned it, yet they gotta keep earning it.

straight point

i am pained to see the 'effort' in his innings...right now all his energies seems to be spending at proving a point which can be really negative on him...only if he can free his mind from proving the worth syndrome...he will come as natural stroke maker at top...and that point in itself will be proved...naturally...

D.S. Henry

The thing is, if Dravid wasn't out proving a point, he wouldn't be Dravid. His whole career was built around proving some point or other -- that he wasn't the typical Indian batter, that he could bat away from home, that he wasn't too slow and stodgy to play one-cricket, etc. Yeah, sometimes he looks bad T-20, unbecoming... but that's part of the risk of following him as a fan. And it's what makes the victories so much sweeter in the end.

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