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November 15, 2007


Joseph Rinella

Yeah man, those guys need to check themselves. What the hell was with them declaring today? They'll more than likely go on to win, but with no sign of rain around, that was as poor a declaration as i've seen. Sri Lanka were one bowler down, and Gilchrist and Symonds were out in the middle, in prime whacking form. The could have easily batted out the day, and got another 150-odd, to put the match completely beyond doubt. Like i said, they'll still probably win, but they've put themselves in a position to lose.

Flat ass pitch, Sri lanka put on 500, then it's game on. Very poor captaincy. Reminds me of the declaration against India in 2001 (different circumstances, but same arrogance and short-sightedness). I'm really looking forward to tomorrow...

Brentmeister General

the second decleration should now be under question. sri lanka are still in it if they can get the balls to take on australia.

as for hussey's average, i couldn't agree more, shame he isn't listening... his last two innings have knocked his average up a whole 2 runs to over 85.

and as for arrogent australians, i ran into a guy i play soccer with today and asked the score at the end of the day, when he told me sangakarra was still in on more than 100 i clenched my fist and pulled a brent face showing my love for the final day score. then, with the most natural reaction, he seemed to pull a 'you wanna fight' face before realising that was never gonna happen and smiled... gotta love that blind patriotism.

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