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November 14, 2007


Brentmeister General

Perfect. Cricket really is in need of a 'sheed and atapattu definately deserves the first award. let's just hope there is enough activity to make the award weekly.
any thoughts on buchanan's latest comments about taking young australians away to make the teams more even and turn national teams into franchises?
i say we just turn the up and coming IPL into that franchise system and ditch internationals altogether except for biannual world cups and test tourneys.

Joseph Rinella

Yeah, i got a whole lot of respect for my main man Marvan after that quote. To be honest, i don't think that the Sri lankans are the only rubbish committee in the international scene. That'd make an interesting post. Rank each country's selectors by their track record.

As for the Sheed awards, i'm with you in there being a bigtime lack in real nigga-ism if you will. Could be a limited group to choose from. You'd have to put Inzi and Ranatunga up there, for the walk-offs, if nothing else. Klusener'd be in the running too, with his general aversion to the media and his own team (can't blame him really, it was just him and Ntini keeping it ultra real there for a while). I guess a bunch of Zimbabweans'd stake a claim too...

Joseph Rinella

Brentmeister General, about Buchanan's comments, I think he's going down the wrong track with a good idea. Gots to have the franchises, but not as international teams. How does that make any sense?? What about when you want to play world cups? An Indian hitting the winning runs for Australia against India in the final? Chaos.

So we do it the IPL way, and see how that goes. I'm sure the muppets'll take an eternity to figure it out, but i'm glad that it's at least finally happening. We'll have a real competition soon! And, with it being in India, it'll be an actual event worth caring about! Can't wait to pick my team...

Brentmeister General

Totally agree rinella, we can't have international franchises. it just wouldn't work. and noone will accept it. As for the IPL, i think it should be a touring league. So each season is set out in different countries to a) provide the best cricket competition to the world b) allow players to play in their home countries to keep them all happy. It could work as the world is so used to watching sport on television now that a lot of money could be put into the tourneys and create a wider audience.
As for the sheed awards, surely Imran Kahn is coming into contention for opposing the government, loike it.

Joseph Rinella

Yeah, Khan is a good one. But I think we have to limit it to current players, cause it's far too easy to be a renegade when you're free from being disciplined- although Khan isn't really free at the moment...

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