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September 16, 2007


Brentmeister General

yeah valid point moite. he is the perfect candidate to emulate what ponting has done with aus. only difference is, he doesn't exactly have straya's bowling line up to back him up, even though i'm loving sreesanth, wether he bowls well or not.
and yeah, india have failed so many times naming their best player for captain, the first example of this i know of in cricket was when straya chose bradman. don't think it affected the man's game like sourav's but don't know wether he was the best choice to lead the side.

on tonights game, it's a shame genetics will keep the deshi's small for a few generations. they had nothing against the short balls today, hope teams don't bully them out of the contest.

Brentmeister General

well after those dismal performances the yiunt surely stepped up... 50 in 12 balls aint bad. even it is against england.
did they drop him for the game after that though?

Outside The Line

He was injured.

Brentmeister General

india have done it!! holy shit. after being 2/60 after 10 overs that was some seriously amazing batting to make it to 188 after 20.
so, now we have the battle of the sub continent... HUGE game boys, and it will decide two things. a) the losing coach had better watch his back b) whoever wins will decide player of the tourney between afridi and youvraj. can't think of ANYONE else.

Joseph Rinella

I'd throw Vetorri in the mix too (number 1 economy AND average, number 3 wicket taker). Afridi is the leader at the moment though. If Umar Gul has a good final, he could get it.

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