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September 17, 2007


Brentmeister General

off the topic, i think ross taylor's dropped catch just now against england reaffirms him as the worst catch in international cricket. remember the one he dropped on the boundary in front of us at the gabba?
speaking of worst and best of's, thought of making a list? ugliest player, most underrated, most overrated, most intelligent etc etc.

Joseph Rinella

Mate, I've been burning Nazir effigies since 99'. Some 'prodigy' he turned out to be. Razzaq is not only the superior cricket player, but also a better man in every sense of the word. The guy MUST be a sex symbol in Pakistan. He's the first guy I ever saw take on mcgrath and win in the first 10 overs of an ODI (he was sent in as a pinch hitter). Should i mention that Macgill came in and demolished the entire Pakistan team?? No, that's be a vibe killer. Anyway, he is my favourite player in Pakistan, and Nazir as much a nothing as Smush Parker.

Goddamn politics in sport...

Outside The Line

That's a definite "yes" on the lists and other discussion topics... we'll just wait until the cricket world slows down a little. There are plenty of lulls in the calendar during which we can deal with all these new issues coming up.

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