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September 24, 2007


Brentmeister General

It's a good idea, and a much better idea than a bowl out (not difficult). But i think it would take too much time between balls to get one team off, two guys padded up and out again just for one more ball.
I would give them an over each. That would mean there is more chance to have an equal amount at the end (bringing more batsmen into play).
feelin me?

Joseph Rinella

I thought about your idea for a while. It's interesting, and could work too. I suppose that the point of it, though, was to have a REALLY exciting, short as possible end to the game. But man, i'm all for the one over method too.

However, as for the chances of having an equal amount at the end of the over, any mathematician'll tell you that the longer the game, the less chance of it being equal. So the one ball system would be better in that respect, which is kinda why i love it.

I did a fantasy tiebreak with India vs Australia (that dan cut), and it showed how it would have worked. Hopefully the bastard'll let me put it up later.

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