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April 12, 2007


George Hayward

Well commented dan, but as usual, your players seem to be the only ones giving a shit at how they perform on match day. Oram was hitting countless 6's and half centuries in australia and nz on bigger grounds. You'd think he would be certainty to light up the smallish carribbean stadiums. yet both times in the last two innings he has been caught on the boundary... did he leave his daily dose of steroids back home? or is he too busy getting whacked whilst watching new zealands top order and giggling himself stupid.
And even when bond doesnt get on the wickets chart, he takes a couple of catches.... i think its match fixed. I think you are getting high with all the players in fantasy and bribing our players to do shit personally or they aint getting more of the good stuff. am i on the right track?
Well, in he last couple of games joe and i may have thought we were slightly cutting down your unasailable lead... but yesterdays game proved it an impossible task. every player you have did something, especially with the bat. the only possible thing that rose could be bowling average or economy rate but i doubt it.
oh yeah, am i sensing a new love for new zealands saviour and number 4?... he bats like martyn, has a face like ponting (maybe worse) and facial hair only known to pedaphiles... loik it.


dudde, that styris innings was amazing. Such tough conditions, and he just got his man on and carried his boys. Should have got man of the match for it too. Me and Dan love him cause he was so amazingly shit when he came in, and it's just so unlikely that he become a Cairns.

Anyway, we were making such good headway to Dan, till that Devilliers bullshit effort, now dan's got the confidence again and he's plucking all sorts of stats. Like, even when you get a wicket, you know he's getting a piece of the stat with a cheap third man catch... what a scum-basin.

But man, we're still in it. we've just got to strangle his strike rate a little more, and pray for his tailenders to actually have to bat for once.

yo, is watson still around? if he's gone, you should pick up some of the free agents around, although i got seriously burnt on Bell (duck) and fleming (duck), but panesar got me 3 wickets and 2 maidens. Just got to play them against non-australia/sri lanka.
aight word

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