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June 28, 2008


Samir Chopra

DS: Some mangled editing in the last sentence, I think. Check it out. Also, on HS: I think he means what you'd like him to say. He's just mangled the syntax (its a locution I recognize).


Whatever dude.


When Harbhajan says he has learnt his lession, deciphered it means
next time Sreesanth would be slapped behind the close door of the dressing room and not when camera is rolling.

lefty j

man, that fool needs to let his hair down and smoke a fatty.


I suppose it is just the ignorance of the language.. either way, no one cares about him... they are seriously looking beyond HS for a spinner with some of the younger dudes who have come in.

lefty j

Yeah, thank Pac for Chawla. That youngun got game. By the way, i find it interesting that so many (assumed) Indians voted for Rahul and his forward defensive, but were nowhere to be seen or heard when he was getting ousted from the one day team. He's my boy, and i miss him.

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