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June 08, 2008



And why would India play ball if the IPL is being undermined?

D.S. Henry


a) Maybe they won't play ball, since there's the whole matter of the "verbal contract" to deal with at some point.

b) Maybe they will, but just symbolically. They'll throw the ECB and CA a bone, let them have their flaundering, 10-day tournament every year... and then in return they'll agree to let all their players into the IPL.


IPL's mafia money and its Bollywood starlet-whore glitz in the long run

I object to your use of such derogatory references. If it is IPL, it has to be with mafia money and starlet-whore glitz and if it is EPL, pray what is it? Pure, white money? Just because two film stars invested their money in IPL, it does not become tainted and to think that all money in India is courtesy mafia is downright rude and arrogant and insulting to our country. I am disappointed with the quality of your post.

D.S. Henry


I'm sorry you object to my opinion. I'll try not to force you to read it in the future.

As to your question: the EPL runs on even dirtier mafia money (i.e. Roman Abramovich) than the IPL could ever dream of having, and the biggest source of English starlet-whore glitz moved to LA when David Beckham joined the Galaxy, I think.

(I also had no idea that strips of land could get insulted. I'll make sure I don't cross them in the future.)


"I also had no idea that strips of land could get insulted. I'll make sure I don't cross them in the future."

That is your choice. And, for your information, country also means ( and I refer to the definition of the term in Merriam-Webster) the people of a state.) And, as for reading your blog, in the past, I read it because I found it good and analytical. Now, rest assured, I will not read it. The owners of almost all the PL teams are respected people who have made their billions legally, and they deserve some respect.

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