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April 23, 2008



The stadium got fuller as the evening went on... its 3/4th full by the end of the day...

The lack of passion around the team is due to the uninspiring leadership of VVS Laxman I reckon.


Nice blog -- the fact that the stadium was half empty might be attributed to the fact that its location in Hyderabad is not the best for people to throng into. Its in the suburbs of the city ... that might be the reason. Otherwise Hyderabadis are extremely passionate about their cricket (ask ICL, and they'd tell you .. they had crowds close to 20000 towards the end of their tourny).

D.S. Henry

See, that makes sense, ghurram. There are little externalities like that I wouldn't really know, not being from the area (and which the COMMENTATORS should be informing you about, but that's another story)... are there other better, more convenient stadiums in Hyderabad?

straight point


i i remember correctly the did commented about this fact...ghurram is talking about...

abyway, first VVS complained about sloppy pitch of kolkatta...now he should be complaning about the home pitch coz it was seaming and swinging... ;-))

though he is improving from six ball duck to six ball 2...way to go VVS !!


think Hyd has been been inundated with 20-20 cricket the past few weeks courtesy ICL.. that could explain the lack of spectators.


think VVS should be given a pass.. he gave up quite a bit of money (about a million) by relenquishing the "icon" status.. he can mail in this season.. as far as Im concerned for the 281 in kolkatta, every family in India should give their first-born to him and every state in india should give him one virgin a month for the rest of his life.


"Better, more convenient stadiums"

-- 3 of them lie in Hyderabad apart from the one being used by IPL, of which one is of international standards. Thats bang in the center of the city, damn easily accessible and has a capacity of 20k (thats flexible, given the way things work out here).

Alas, ICL has used it. And the holier-than-thou attitude of BCCI ... well you can guess the rest !!!

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