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April 21, 2008


mr panic

A 'bad pitch' makes bad bowlers (or bad batsmen) look good. Mohammad Hafeez is not a good bowler. Therefore, it was a bad pitch.
I'm not saying it wasn't an interesting pitch, but toasted marshmallows would also make an interesting pitch. The proverbial 'sticky wicket'.

lefty j

The thing is, skill should be the deciding factor in a cricket game. But with these flat pitches, it ends up being the team whose top edges go for six beats the team whose top edges get caught on the boundary. Personally, I prefer timing and placement as a formula for being dominant over bat weight and wrist speed.

I was shocked when i saw the VVS quote. I mean, if he doesn't get it, who will? I think they should concentrate on making twenty20 pitches conducive to huge amounts of turn, then we can see some real battles. If they're gonna be soft about it, then fine, keep the bounce even, but for Pac's sake, give the spinners something to work with will ya?

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