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September 14, 2007



Thank you once again for the video memories.

I have been one of those who consider Rahul Dravid to be the best international player India has produced. He has been a good ambassador for India too. However, I have also been one those who didn't think his captaincy was as outstanding.

But I'm not complaining...he has won for India what India has struggled to do for decades - two for an English victory and 35 years for a Caribbean victory! Thirty-five year! India must have seen plenty of captains in the interim.

Then there is the first test victory in South Africa of course which counts for a lot in India. That had been a puzzle too difficult to crack for us all along.

The timing's right though...he's honest in admitting that he hasn't enough to contribute both as a player and captain, and has given time for a young captain (if appointed, for BCCI today has a penchant for rewarding veterans) of the future to settle in while the seniors are around to help.

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